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William Penn Annex East, United States

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Age: 63


Seeking: female


Intentions: Friendship


Personality: Intelligent

I am an old-fashioned kind of guy and a little bit of a country boy
I am easy: going person I do not let much upset me but I have a tender heart and it does not take much to hurt it. I am overweight and out of shape due to medical issues that I have had. But everything is good now I just have to lose some more weight, which it is slow coming off, and my weight cannot be an issued for you.I do smoke a pack a day. I am family oriented.
I am brutally honest and I hate lies of any kind. But I always ask to make sure that what you want to know is what you what to hear what I have to say. Even if the answer is an unpopular answer. I do not hide or lie about anything but you have to make sure you want to know everything because I will tell you it all, even the parts you may not like
 I like to play some sports basketball, baseball, volleyball, badminton, hiking, swimming, and gardening. And going to the movies and going out to eat at restaurants.
  I like to go on long walks with the love of my life hand in hand. Yes, I like to hold hands I even like to cuddle and snuggle.
There may be disagreements but that is par for the course but in the end, we still love each other. As long as there is, communication between the two of us we should be able to work things out.
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